题目:Challenges of Device Modeling – An Industry Perspective(器件建模的挑战性)

   :   2013122日(周二) 14:00-15:30 

   :     科大西区电四楼310会议室

报告人:   张锡盛博士(安捷伦 高级顾问)


Device modeling is a critical step of building an accurate design kit, to enable circuit designers to do realistic circuit simulation and yield analysis. Agilent is the leading software and hardware vendor of device modeling solutions. Dr. Xisheng Zhang is the leader of device modeling team in Agilent, with over 20 years hands on industry experience. In this talk, he will review the device modeling flow of measurement, extraction/optimization and verification. The review will focus on the challenges industry is facing, the trend of modeling and Agilent’s solutions: accurate and repeatable DC/AC/S parameter/flick noise measurement, measurement cross temperature, golden die selection, layout dependent variation, mismatch modeling, HV device modeling, SOI modeling, modeling in extreme environment, III-V device and HF/nonlinear modeling.


Dr. Xisheng Zhang got his BS from Beijing University, MS and Ph. D from Tsinghua University. He did the postdoctoral research in UC Berkeley. He holds different engineering and management positions in BTA technology (Celestry), Accelicon and Agilent. He is founder of Accelicon Technologies, Inc, which was specialized in advanced CMOS modeling technology, and was successfully acquired by Agilent in year 2012.